With game changing technology, Transfer Gecko simplifies utility transfers for everyone.

If you manage, rent or sell property, Transfer Geckos’ utility platform makes moving easy. Let us know when a tenant moves in or out and we will handle the registrations!

  • Choice ‐ Let your tenants chose their preferred supplier.
  • Save Time ‐ Leave it to us to ensure tenants are registered.
  • Mobile – Utility registration with one click
  • Easy, Fast & Free
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • GDPR Compliant
  • MPRN and GPRN Assistance

We know how frustrating it is to wait on hold, you will always be answered by one of the friendly Transfer Gecko Team.

Kind Words

Thanks for all the assistance getting power restored at Earls Court recently; the assistance of Transfer Gecko was essential to getting it sorted quickly.

Alex, Alone

Perfect that’s nice and handy for us. You've been a pleasure to deal with and I appreciate how helpful you have been.

James, Tenant

Impartial advice on suppliers, an honest and personal service and ongoing support for setup. There are no words to describe how I appreciate everything that you have done

Flávia, Tenant

The service provided has been excellent. You save me a substantial amount of time. We have very positive feedback from our tenants too. It's reassuring to have a friendly Account Manager who is always happy to help.

Kevin, Wyse Property Management

“I don’t know how I managed before. You are wonderful”😊

Avril, Myles O’Donoghue Properties

Transfer Gecko allows us to concentrate on our core business, they look after the utilizes at a property for our tenants, landlords and new buyers. It saves us time and effort.

Kerry/Kate (Agent Dublin/Bristol)


In partnership with the best suppliers across Ireland,England and Wales.

Transfer Gecko is a free service that helps agents reduce their administrative burden and frees up time for business allowing Letting Agents to do what they do best – rent more properties!

For tenants, we provide an easy fast and free way to register for utilities on day that you move. Moving can be stressful, and our service makes it hassle‐free.

All with a few clicks on your phone.


Help your tenants set up their energy registrations.

With Transfer Gecko,
it’s fast and free.

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